Fight Fire with Fire

fuck TripadvisorTripAdvisor has been posting lies and libelous damaging reviews for years. They  don’t have any issues at all approving and posting personal and sexual comments about innocent people just trying to run a business.

A good example of the damaging filth TripAdvisor approves and posts on their so called family friendly website is the Review that TripAdvisor posted about a mother of 3 who was accused of sitting on a boat in her bikini with her legs spread for the whole world to see. First let us make it clear that the lady in question offers fantastic sailing and snorkeling trips, so it’s not as if she was visiting the White House in her bikini.. It’s like complaining that a coastguard sits around in his swimming shorts..

So ask yourself, WHAT gives TripAdvisor the right to post such disgusting comments on their website for the world to see? Could they not have just removed that sentence and posted the rest? The woman that wrote the mean and spiteful review joined TripAdvisor for just one reason, to get personal and submit a libelous review, she went way too far, she should not have written this personal attack. However she only wrote the review, TripAdvisor approved and posted it… Now that is even worse.

Does TripAdvisor not understand how much damage the combination of lies and Internet can do?. Obviously not, or maybe they do but they just don’t care, they are so arrogant thinking no one can touch them. Well TripAdvisor we might just have an unpleasant suprise coming your way.

We are asking anyone who knows anything about the following people to send us their story, we will use the exact same form of validation, and post it to a handful of sites and feeds. Don’t worry, we are not a family friendly site, so don’t hold back.

We will start posting your true stories about the following people:

  • Stephen Kaufer
  • Harry
  • Isaac
  • Celia [ photo’s and article coming soon ]
  • Aaron
  • Christine Petersen
  • Barbara Messing : [ X rated photos and articles coming soon ]

[ these to start with, more to follow ]

Remember, we will not hold back, and once it’s on the internet, it’s out of our control, we cannot undo the damage these true and demeaning stories will cause.

We will do our best to post and spread your “reviews” about any of the above to the far corners of the web. Hopefully this way TripAdvisor will learn just how damaging these unvalidated personal, sexual and disgusting posts can cause.

You know where to send them, and don’t forget to add images as well if you can. And please make sure they are true, ‘cos don’t forget we use the same Lame verification process as TripAdvisor.

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3 Responses to Fight Fire with Fire

  1. Dale Mustard says:


    I have worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years now. I worked the last 5 years at a resort Cannon Beach, Oregon as the Rooms Division Manager. I have worked for this company for a total of 9 years altogether.

    I was let go from my position this summer because of Trip Advisor ratings, the hotel rated at the bottom of the barrel in our small coastal town due to having outdated decor and property. However, I was told that my “position was eliminated” but we got the real reason when mutual friends went to dinner with the now GM of the property. The decision was made by the ownership “committee” who lives 80 miles away in the Portland area, and whom only set foot on the property twice a year, and whom have never actually held a position at the property level.

    There were two reviews that cited “terrible service from the front desk manager” but neither time it was me, it was the senior clerk on duty and indeed she was acting as the MOD. One of these persons did not even stay at the hotel, it was a “bridezilla” whom complained that she would not allow her to look into windows of oceanfront homes that were occupied by other guests. When the GM at the time tried to dispute the complaint, that this person did not even stay there, they would not remove it. Both of these incidents were documented in the employee’s file, but I was let go nonetheless.

    Fast forward 4 months and I had 2 job interviews at top resorts in the Hawaiian Islands, and during both interviews I was questioned about the ratings and the comments, it is really hard to be believed in an interview that this was not me!

    I have disputed both of the postings with Trip Advisor that this was not me, that they were costing me work, and I have gotten no response whatsoever. How is it that someone can post slanderous, erroneous information? Why does Trip Advisor get away with this? I was never comfortable before when they named my clerks in reviews, they would be confronted by snippy guests who read the reviews before coming to the property. Names should be omitted in my opinion.

    I have worked very hard at my career, and in this tough economy this is making finding work much harder. I believe my resume speaks for itself!! In what other instance can someone put whatever they want about someone with no repercussions?

    Anyway, that is my story, add it to the bunch of stories that I am sure that you already have! Thank for listening!!


    Dale M Mustard
    Cannon Beach, OR

  2. celline hoyle says:

    they are interested in 1 thing only>>>>MONEY!!!! rid the net of this unfair scourge of a company!!!!

  3. Apparently Stephen Kaufer is a cross-dressing toad. The suit is just a disguise. This is an undeniable truth. Much like claims that my take-out teas are made with teabags (they are loose leaf) or that my cakes are no home-made (they are).

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