Is TripAdvisor intentionally not posting positive Reviews for certain establishments

Quote from Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor

” While the list of dirtiest hotels is compiled from traveler ratings for cleanliness, invariably, it seems that poor hygiene indicates overall poor conditions. All told, 85 percent of TripAdvisor travelers who reviewed these ten properties recommend against staying there.”

we would like to add that the TRUTH be told, and the above should be read as followed :

” While the list of dirtiest hotels is compiled from Complete UNVALIDATED traveler ratings for cleanliness, invariably, it seems that poor hygiene indicates overall poor conditions. All told, 85 percent of UNVALIDATED TripAdvisor REVIEWERS who CLAIM to have reviewed these ten properties recommend against staying there.”


Positive Review Rejected

TripAdvisor approved 15 Identical FAKE Positive Reviews, but not for certain hotels


TripAdvisor claims that 85% of all the reviews on the “Dirtiest Hotels USA 2011 list recommend against staying there.

While doing an article about these what TripAdvisor calls Dirtiest Hotels in the USA, we posted 5 Negative Fake Reviews and 5 Positive Fake Reviews about the so called Dirtiest Hotel the Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

It was no surprise to us that within days ALL the negative reviews were posted, but NONE of the positive reviews ever got posted. Seeing as ALL our reviews are “cloned” from already approved reviews, we found it very suspicious that not a single one of the positive reviews made it onto TripAdvisor, whereas all the negative reviews did.

Is TripAdvisor purposely not allowing positive reviews to get approved for this establishment? because if this is the case, then TripAdvisor is to blame for the 85% they talk about. Is TripAdvisor artificially keeping that percentage high by not posting any Positive Reviews?…

We did a test, and in our minds there is not a single doubt that TripAdvisor for whatever reason is intentionally not posting positive Reviews for certain establishments.


Here is what we did :

We put together 3 sets of fake positive reviews, each set consisted of 6 identical reviews.

We started with the Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center. We posted 1 fake positive about this hotel, and at about the same time 5 identical reviews to 5 random hotels. The outcome was as we expected, out of the total 6 fake reviews 5 got approved and posted and one didn’t. Just as we thought, the postive fake review for the Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center NEVER got posted.

Here are the fakes from SET 1

Fake approved rejected

Fake approved fake

fake fake


Coincidence ? we think not, but then again we are very skeptical when it come the TripAdvisor, so lets take the next on the Dirtiest Hotel list :

Jack London Inn :

The exact same as the first time, 6 identical positive fakes, 5 get posted, 1 never makes it.. Yes, Jack London Never makes it.

The Fakes from Set 2:

fake fake

fake fake

rejected fake


So, at this point 12 fake positive reviews were submitted by us, and 10 were approved and posted by TripAdvisor, however TripAdvisor has still not posted a positive Review on the two hotels mentioned in the Dirtiest Hotel List they put together.

Let’s try one more time.. we randomly picked the Super 8 in Estes Park coincidentally on the 8th spot.

Again, 6 positive fake reviews were submitted, and again 5 got approved and 1 never made it. Super 8 never got the positive review posted..

Final Set.

fake fake

rejected fake

fake fake


So there you have it, if TripAdvisor is intentionally not posting positive reviews, or limiting the amount of positive reviews that they are giving certain establishments, then the Dirtiest Hotels in the USA are listed because of not just unvalidated reviews for unvalidated members, but also because TripAdvisor is intentionally keeping the percentage of their negative reviews high.

The fact that TripAdvisor has absolutely no grounds to release a Dirtiest Hotel List is disgusting. Peoples livelihood and reputation are destroyed by TripAdvisor , that gets their unvalidated information from unvalidated people, makes a filthy list and sends it to +60 million people, and plasters it on the internet.

If you or your establishment is being hurt by TripAdvisor, then you should seriously consider taking legal action, and now is a very good time to do so. Contact us for more info and advice about taking legal action against TripAdvisor or even Expedia.


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TripAdvisor sued for destroying livelihood

Every year TripAdvisor puts together a list of the DIRTIEST HOTELS, and sends all +60 million members a link to their findings. Listing a Hotel as the Dirtiest Hotel in the USA or Asia, Europe etc. is a VERY serious accusation and will without any doubt ruin the livelihood of the owners. So, surely TripAdvisor must have plenty of air tight evidence that the reviews are all based on genuine reviewers, and follow up on all the disgusting reviews and photos that are submitted by completely unvalidated TripAdvisor users… The sad truth is, TripAdvisor has ZERO evidence that any of the reviews are genuine, after all, TripAdvisor is 100% unvalidated, and 100% open to abuse. ANYONE can create as many TripAdvisor accounts as they like and start posting lies and libel reviews about ANY establishment. There is NO way TripAdvisor can be certain the reviews are legit, they know the damage that will be caused with the list they publish, yet they still go ahead and Destroy the livelihood of EVERY Establishments owners on their Dirtiest Hotels List.

TripAdvisor God

TripAdvisor act like they are God Almighty


If you believe the unvalidated users and reviews that TripAdvisor uses, then this is The Top 10 list of Dirtiest Hotels in the USA.


TRIPADVISOR’S UNVALIDATED 2011’s Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in the U.S.:

1. Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
2. Jack London Inn – Oakland, California
3. Desert Inn Resort – Daytona Beach, Florida
4. Hotel Carter – New York City, New York
5. Polynesian Beach & Golf Resort – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
6. Atlantic Beach Hotel – Miami Beach, Florida
7. Rodeway Inn – Williamsville, New York
8. Super 8 Estes Park – Denver, Colorado
9. Palm Grove Hotel and Suites – Virginia Beach, Virginia
10. Econo Lodge Newark International Airport – Elizabeth, New Jersey


Here is the Bullshit TripAdvisor had to say …


New York City’s infamous Hotel Carter made its return to the dirtiest hotel list in 2011, and has appeared on the list five times in six years.

“For the sixth consecutive year, TripAdvisor is shining a light on those U.S. hotels which have made a mark on their guests for all the wrong reasons,” said Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor. “From TripAdvisor’s core, we believe that candid reviews — good, bad and ugly — empower travelers to see it all so they can plan and experience the best possible trips.”

The unveiling of the dirtiest hotels follows TripAdvisor’s announcement of the world’s best hotels in the 2011 Travelers’ Choice® awards. This year 676 establishments were recognized in the ninth year of the honors, across categories including Trendiest, Best Luxury, Best Bargains and Best B&Bs and Inns.

TripAdvisor site data also reveals that overall, traveler ratings on TripAdvisor continue to climb, currently averaging a four out of five rating. Despite this growth in traveler satisfaction, the 10 dirtiest U.S. hotels indicate that some properties still need to clean up their act.

“While the list of dirtiest hotels is compiled from traveler ratings for cleanliness, invariably, it seems that poor hygiene indicates overall poor conditions. All told, 85 percent of TripAdvisor travelers who reviewed these ten properties recommend against staying there,” continued Drake.


Now if that is not enough codswallop, and not enough damage has been done by posting this list, TripAdvisor feels compelled to also add more salt to the wound by also adding some COMPLETELY UNVALIDATED Reviews from UNVALIDATED people.

Here is what the obnoxious TripAdvisor added to the above insult, followed by FAKE Reviews that TripAdvisor approved and posted.

Are we sure they are FAKE?.. .. Yes 100%, we submitted all these Fake Reviews, and TripAdvisor approved, and posted them on their site.. next to their now removed slogan ” Reviews you can Trust “

Message to TripAdvisor

Get your arrogant big heads out of your ass, there is NOTHING on your site that can be trusted, it’s full of lies and is now the largest blackmailing platform on the web


Click on Fake Reviews for larger size


1. Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
“If you are looking for a hotel with chewing tobacco spit oozing down the halls and corridors; spiders actively making webs in every corner of your room; carpeting so greasy and dirty you wouldn’t want to sit your luggage down – let alone walk around barefoot…… by all means, stay at The Grand Resort.”

OUR FAKE Reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor



Look TripAdvisor here is one of you pompous arrogant Certificate of Excellence for what you claim to be the Dirtiest Hotel in the USA.. So far we have given away more than 60 of these badges.

Yes, EVERYTHING about you is FAKE!!

This property has been the TripAdvisors Certificate of Excellence


2. Jack London InnOakland, California
“The rooms displayed a level of filth and discomfort that mere neglect could never produce. The parking lot resembled a post apocalyptic junk yard. The halls reeked of cigarette smoke, body odor, and failure.”

OUR FAKE Reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor

Fake Fake


3. Desert Inn ResortDaytona Beach, Florida
“The ceiling was peeling, the walls were cracked, there were cigarette burns throughout the room, the Jacuzzi tub did not look clean, the bed was not a pillow top as advertised and very hard, I located a few small bugs on the box spring, some of the wood was rotten in the bathroom, and the balcony was littered with old cigarette butts.”

OUR FAKE Review approved and posted by TripAdvisor



4. Hotel Carter – New York City, New York
“The first thing we had to do was buy cleaning products – not that it made a difference. The carpets were that dirty I refused to walk on the floor without shoes on – choosing to jump from bed to bed or bed to draws.”

OUR FAKE Review approved and posted by TripAdvisor



5. Polynesian Beach & Golf ResortMyrtle Beach, South Carolina
“The floor of the room was dirty, if you took a shower your feet would turn black. The lamp shade in the room had exposed wires and did not work. The floor in the bathroom was peeling up, a great trip hazard.”

OUR FAKE Review approved and posted by TripAdvisor



6. Atlantic Beach HotelMiami Beach, Florida
“The shower curtain had an unidentified gelatinous substance, the air conditioner wasn’t working and being held up by tape, there was a big hole in the wall, the sheets weren’t cleaned.”

OUR FAKE Reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor



7. Rodeway InnWilliamsville, New York
“The room, however, made an indelible mark on all of us: chipped and peeling concrete around the ceilings, pieces of the bathtub disintegrating and rusting, black streaks on the walls, and worst of all, crusty white stains on the blankets and sheets.”

OUR FAKE Reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor



8. Super 8 Estes ParkDenver, Colorado
“All of the pillows smelled like smoke and greasy hair. Each of the comforters had large stains on them when pulled back and it was very obvious that they had not been laundered in a LONG time.”

Fake Fake


9. Palm Grove Hotel and SuitesVirginia Beach, Virginia
“We found a baby bottle laying next to our bed upon entering the room, sand in the floor and on the sheets, beer bottles on the balcony.”

OUR FAKE Reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor

Fake Fake


10. Econo Lodge Newark International AirportElizabeth, New Jersey:
“There was mold, stains on the carpet… there was something sticky on the comforter and the topper of it all… we probably have 25 bug bites between the two of us.”

OUR FAKE Reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor



Using FAKE Photo’s

Just because someone submits a photo with a review means Jack Shit, we have submitted loads of FAKE photos with some of our FAKE Reviews..

Fake Fake

Fake Fake

DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE … especially on TripAdvisor


There you have it in a nutshell, TripAdvisor nominated these hotels based on completely unvalidated reviews from completely unvalidated members.

True, this list was published back in January 2011, and we only started posted fake reviews in March 2011, but that is not the point.

The point of this is to show that TripAdvisor has not got a single clue what is true and what is fake, yet they still think they have the right to publish such garbage without validating the people that post the garbage or the garbage that is posted.

Since March 2011 TripAdvisor has approved and posted MORE than 830 ( and counting) FAKE Reviews on their site, some reviews are posted on their site just HOURS after we submit them. We have HUNDREDS of fake accounts, setup for one goal.. Post Fakes! .. and what does TripAdvisor do to stop this from happening??.. NOTHING!, cos they can’t. They delete a fake account we create and cause havoc in the Owners Forum, and we create 5 more. TripAdvisor has completely lost the plot, and things are just warming up.

The Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center which was destroyed by TripAdvisor’s Dirtiest Hotel List is suing TripAdvisor for $10 Million,this is just the start, we are approaching and advising other Hotels and Restaurants to do the same.

We have more than enough evidence that TripAdvisor is not capable of running a bath let alone a travel website, for any court to put an end to the way TripAdvisor conducts their business, allowing anyone to post anything completely unvalidated.

Contact us for more info on how to put a legal end to the LIES and LIBEL Reviews TripAdvisor posts on their website.


What does TripAdvisor’s CEO Stephen Kaufer do in his free time?.. answer coming soon


One last note : Today Oct. 20th TripAdvisor posted 6 of our FAKE Reviews…



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Easily get your competition flagged on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor WarningImagine looking for a hotel, B&B or restaurant and landing on a page on TripAdvisor that has been flagged and now has a large red “Warning” notice stuck to it’s listing.. The damage is done, and the establishment owner is fucked, and business is gone!

This is a yet another VERY serious flaw on TripAdvisor, and we wanted to see just how easy it would be to get a property “Flagged” by posting Fake Reviews.

To be honest, as much as we hate the arrogant TripAdvisor, we hoped that this would not be an easy task.. Boy, were we wrong there!!

This was so easy, even we were amazed and shocked. This really goes to show the ignorance TripAdvisor has towards anyone listed on their site.

Before we continue, I would like to say without going to much into details that we had very good reason why we chose the 4 properties we used for this experiment.. and we have since been, and still are in touch with the owners. We are still working on one more hotel and 2 restaurants. These results will be posted in the coming week(s) depending on the results.

How to easily get your competition “Flagged” on TripAdvisor

Destroying your competition by getting them flagged is a lot easier than posting fake reviews, even though that’s exactly what you will be doing.

Now we are going to assume that your competition is at least in the same country as you, so there is absolutely no need to cloak your IP, actually it’s better if you don’t.

Here is what we did.

Once we had decided which establishment to use, ( in your case it will be your competition ) We composed 6 positive reviews, we used between 500 – 800 characters as to not make them too long. We focused mainly on the owners and establishment on a whole, and not so much the rooms or area. We know that TripAdvisor are very far from being the smartest, and although we did not over praise anything, there was a hint of too much praise towards the owners and establishment and not enough info about other things.

So Far so easy, we just put together 6 Fake Positive Reviews.. Now comes what we believe gets the establishment flagged.

The first day we submitted 3 Reviews.. the first 2 reviews were submitted within an our of each other, the 3rd review was submitted about 10 hours later ( ALL from the same laptop )
2 days later we submitted 1 more review..
Then we waited 5 days before submitting the 2 remaining reviews again about 10 hours between reviews.

Six days later the Property got flagged.

In just over 2 weeks we had TripAdvisor destroy someones livelihood and reputation

property flagged on TripAdvisor

It took just over 2 weeks to get this property flagged on TripAdvisor

Yet again TripAdvisor shows it has ZERO ways to safeguard the listings that are “Forced” onto their site, but is completely open to devastating abuse against establishment owners.

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TripAdvisor offers ZERO security for Business Owners

Anyone can hijack a Business Listing on TripAdvisor. Within 60 seconds anyone with or without a TripAdvisor account, and you don’t even need an email address, just make one up. Once logged on, you are the owner of the establishment, and can make any changes you want. TripAdvisor knows how easy this is, yet they sit back and do nothing to stop this. This just goes to show that TripAdvisor does not at all care about security or safeguarding member details. Allowing anyone to make changes to someone elses business is criminal, and no different than Yahoo, or Facebook allowing anyone to log into your account and start sending emails or posting and making changes to your account.

This video shows how easy it is for ANYONE to take over YOUR Business listing…



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TripAdvisor Busted by Media for posting Fake Reviews

Can you really believe what you read on TripAdvisor? How poor hotels make their way to the top of the charts
Original Article By Adam Raphael, Editor Of The Good Hotel Guide. [ Images are not part of the original article.]


I recently did a rather depressing experiment. I logged on to the most popular hotel reviews website, TripAdvisor, and – using a fake name, fake email and fake postal address – I posted an effusive report on a terrible establishment. My review was put up, unaltered, within hours.

TripAdvisor I am not the only sceptic. Tests by reporters in Britain, France and America show how easy it is to promote poor hotels to the top of the TripAdvisor popularity table with a handful of bogus reports.

TripAdvisor says its site is self-policing and users read it with ‘the right level of scepticism’. They need to. This year, it published a list of its ‘top 25’ UK hotels: one was in administration. It has now closed.

TripAdvisor can be useful. Four in five travellers check review sites before booking a hotel, and TripAdvisor is the most popular, covering 450,000 hotels worldwide.

But it is as risky as asking the man sitting next to you on the bus where he goes on holiday. TripAdvisor is loaded with whingers, oddballs and Americans, who may have very different tastes from you or me.

More seriously, TripAdvisor is open to abuse, in my view, because of its seeming failure to screen out collusive or malicious reviews.

Its owners claim reviews are put up only after being scrutinised by its staff, and that sophisticated programmes are used to check against fraud.
But, in my own experience, these defences are so flawed as to be useless.

As The Good Hotel Guide editor, my concerns may be dismissed as self-interest.
But we are a tiny business specialising in small hotels in the British Isles and are not competing with TripAdvisor.

We track every review sent to us, know who the writers are and how sound their judgments are. If readers disagree, we send an anonymous inspector to spend a night at our expense.
TripAdvisor, by contrast, is a big, profitable international firm, yet its methods can appear shameless.

In reply to a hotel’s complaint that a critical report was planted by a competitor, it wrote: ‘Since reviews are posted by members on an open forum, and we do not verify the information posted in this, we are unable to provide you with proof that this member . . . actually visited [your] hotel.’
I am bombarded by hotels complaining about the effects of TripAdvisor. Tim Brocklebank, owner of The Rosevine hotel in Portscatho, Cornwall, says that when he told a couple who cancelled a booking at the last moment that they would have to pay a fee, they threatened to write a bad report on TripAdvisor.
He says: ‘I am all for constructive feedback, but TripAdvisor is now being used in the most unpleasant way.’
TripAdvisor is awash with serious allegations. At the last count, there were 19,208 references to food poisoning, 22,236 to theft and 42,418 to bed bugs.

Such unchecked accusations are made by anonymous reviewers who may not have even stayed at the hotel.

Hotels can put up a management response, but it usually requires the threat of legal action before a review is removed.
Hotels are fighting back – but the result is little better. Many reviews are by owners’ friends, family or PR firms.

At The Bloomsbury hotel in York, a guest said she had put a positive review on TripAdvisor and wanted to know what she would get in return.
She said an Edinburgh guesthouse she knew was giving free weekends for the best reviews.

France’s Office of Fair Trading is considering a case brought by French hotels that claim that TripAdvisor is bolstering its parent company, Expedia.
They claim that if users try to book at a hotel which has not given a fee to Expedia, they are told no rooms are available but are offered alternatives at nearby hotels which are paying ‘partners’. A judgment is due in October.
TripAdvisor has so far declined to comment on its defence in the case.
A group of British hotels is also considering legal action against TripAdvisor for defamation.

Why is TripAdvisor seemingly so careless of its reputation?

TripAdvisor Busted
TripAdvisor says it does care about its reputation, defends its screening process and gave the following response: ‘We have more than 45 million monthly viewers and all reviews are screened to ensure they meet our posting guidelines.

‘We receive an average of 26 contributions per minute. Thousands of reviews posted each week are positive and negative.
‘We believe the sheer volume of content allows travellers to focus on reviews most relevant to their travel needs.

‘Owners can dispute any review and our team will investigate. As well as being against our guidelines, it is also illegal in the UK to post fraudulent reviews on TripAdvisor.’

= Original artical posted HERE =




The content of this article was provided by various sources (emails, messages, etc..) and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.


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TripAdvisor Lies Bullies, Threaten and Ignore Business Owners

TripAdvisor Warning

More and more hotels, B&B’s, restaurants and other establishments want to be removed from TripAdvisor. EVERY person in the tourism industry knows they can and will never be able to please and satisfy everyone, no matter how hard they try. No one who works hard to please others are going to be happy with a negative review, but everyone knows sooner or later you will get one, and you will just have to deal with it.

Dealing with a bad review is not pleasant, but when you know a review is purely libelous and a lie, it is unbearable. And when a website like TripAdvisor that makes a lot of money off establishment owners, refuses to even listen to you, things suddenly become a lot worse.

As mentioned above, you would expect a little ( actually you would expect a lot of ) help from the company that makes money off your back. … FORGET IT!!.. They offer NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, NIKS, NIENTE !!.. actually they do the opposite, they bully and threaten you!

First, let us show you just how little TripAdvisor does to help someone that want to have a PROVEN libelous review removed.

Here are some REAL owners looking to get some help / advice from TripAdvisor.. Remember, in a lot of cases libelous reviews can destroy a persons livelihood.

These posts were all posted in the TripAdvisor’s “Business Forum”

  • “ Deleting Obsolete Reviews ”Aug 10, 2011, 7:33 AM

    Please help. after 3 months of trying to get reviews from a previous owner removed i finally received an email from Tripadvisor last tuesday 2nd august saying that in 2 or 3 days this would happen. It has now been 6 working days and nothing has changed and there are still reviews belonging to the 2 previous owners. I am exhausted by having to keep asking the same question but will again. WHY is Tripsdvisor ignoring me?

  • “ Inappropriate Review – needs to be removed ”Aug 08, 2011, 3:12 PM

    For 4 months I have sent Tripadvisor at least 15 emails from my TA business account, they have never bothered to contact me. How do I contact someone within Trip Advisor to have a very inappropriate review removed. I need to get it removed quickly, it is harmful to my family business.

  • “ Why TripAdvisor – WHY? ”Aug 07, 2011, 7:32 PM

    At least 7 months ago I disputed a review by posting a management response, the response got posted after 11 days, but got removed just 2 days later. I sent another 3 messages over a 4 week period, I did eventually receive a response telling me my management response did not meet their criteria.. but you did not tell me why? My response was very polite and friendly. I posted another polite management response, and again it got posted, but removed again after 2 days. I am sick and tired trying to resolve this issue. This very demeaning and personal review has now been online for 7 months, I have done my best to resolve this issue, but this is impossible if you are too arrogant and rude to even reply to my 20+ messages. WHY Tripadvisor can you not just reply to my problem, I never asked to have my restaurant put on your site, actually I would rather it wasn’t. It’s disgusting that you have ignored me now for 7 months while my business and myself suffers. WHY?

  • “ Negative review posted about my sexual preference (gay) this is against Tripadvisors Terms ”Aug 07, 2011, 11:03 PM

    Can someone please advice me how to get some form of response from tripadvisor? 2 months I have tried contacting them through my account, their website, and even through twitter, they are just ignoring me. A couple posted a negative review about our B&B based on the fact that it is run by “Gays”. This is a disgrace and against Tripadvisors T&C. We have been trying to contact Tripadvisor to remove this review, but they never reply to us. Can anyone give me a phone number I can call and speak to someone at tripadvisor? We have tried twice to post a management’s response, but twice now it got declined, we did get a message telling us it was declined because it did not meet their terms, however they did not tell us why it did not meet their terms. It took tripadvisor just 2 days to approve and post this review, but it is taking us months to even get a reply. Any advice on how to get a response would be appreciated.

We could easily post another 20 similar complaints all posted this week. So as you can see, TripAdvisor is VERY quick to approve and post negative, and libelous reviews, actually the average time between posting a negative review and having it approved and posted is 3 days and 8 days for a positive review to get approved and posted.. but that’s another story..

200 Characters

Not only do TripAdvisor ignore owners that have any questions or comments, they also make almost impossible to dispute a review. To dispute a libelous review that can contain unlimited characters, the owner can only dispute it with 200 characters!!.. No, we did not make a typo and forget a few zero’s… MAX 200 Characters to dispute a libelous review. This is just not fair, and in 99.99% is impossible to do. And now comes the great part.. another true dispute

  • “ TA Please Remove this libelous trash review ”Jun 03, 2011, 2:13 PM

    On July 25th someone posted a review about our B&B that is obvious a lie, and clear that these persons never stayed at our B&B.

  • [ LIE ] They complain about noisy trains coming past our B&B every 10 minutes. [TRUTH] we are more than 40 minutes drive from the nearest railway line ( not station, … RAILWAY LINE ) yes we can prove this.
  • [ LIE ] We spent 30 minutes cleaning a filthy rim around the bath tub!! [ TRUTH ] We have 6 room ALL with JUST Shower, we do not have any rooms with bath tubs… Yes we can prove this.
  • [ LIE ] The radiator was peeling paint, rusty, leaking and made noises through the night. [ Truth ] We do not have, and never have had radiators in any of the rooms. Yes we can prove it.

WOW, well surely this is a clear case of someone that has obviously posted a review that is fake..
Correct, this review is a targeted FAKE… HOWEVER Tripadvisor refused to remove this review on the following grounds ” We have checked the review in question and it is within our guidelines and will not be removed. Please read our.. bla..bla..bla

So, it’s not about what is said, lies or not, all TripAdvisor is concerned with is if the Review falls within the Guidelines..

And, when it comes to Guidelines, again owners are treated like shit!. The reviewer can write (almost anything ) even names are openly mentioned in reviews, along with personal details.. However TripAdvisor makes it extremely difficult to post a TRUTHFUL Management Response. If the MR ( Management Response) is not kiss ass response , then it will not get posted. You cannot dispute any of the lies posted by the reviewer, you cannot mention any names ( unlike the reviewer)

@StephenKaufer recently said during an interview that he was surprised that so many owners did not make use of the “Management Response”,… he obviously has not got a clue that it is a complete waste of time..

When an owner responds to someone that has just posted lies and libelous reviews about them and or their establishment, they want to respond by telling their side of the story, NOT by kissing ass and saying amen!!

For the lucky few owners who have not yet experienced the lies and negative review campaigns against their establishment, TripAdvisor will find and threaten them, with an arrogant email and by removing a handful of positive reviews..

The BIG problem TripAdvisor has, is they REALLY think they are Gods Gift to the Travel Industry.. what they don’t realize is, that at least 75% of ALL establishments listed on TripAdvisor would prefer to be removed for good.
TripAdvisor is a joke, no one takes them serious, and their time is coming very quick..

So, out of the blue an owner gets this threatening email from TripAdvisor..

Sent: 11 May 2011 14:49
To: ******@**********
Subject: Official Notification from TripAdvisor

To Whom It May Concern at **********,

Evidence has come to our attention which establishes that you and / or others in your organization have submitted material with intent to manipulate your listing and position on TripAdvisor by submitting positive reviews of your own property. This is strictly against TripAdvisor policy and in some cases is also a violation of federal law.

This is an official notification that your property is now being actively
monitored by TripAdvisor for suspicious activity on our website. If these
attempts continue, TripAdvisor may take one or more of the following actions
on your property listing:

– Drop it by several pages in the TripAdvisor popularity index
– Post a large red penalty notice, explaining that the reviews are
– Exclude it from TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice awards, Top 10 lists,
press releases, etc.

We understand that you may have a few questions after receiving this notice,
such as:

“I don’t know why I received this letter. We haven’t submitted reviews for
our own property or others.”

We suggest familiarizing yourself with our review moderation and fraud
detection policies. Then, speak with your staff, as well as third-party
vendors (webmaster, marketing companies, etc.) and remind them of these
policies. Subversive activity on TripAdvisor can result in long-lasting
penalties for your business.

“What action should I take to rectify this situation?”

Please contact us with information about violations you or your staff may
have made on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor’s privacy policy prohibits us from
sharing the details of our findings, so we will not be able to furnish you
with any information regarding the nature of the violation we’ve detected.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The TripAdvisor Support Team, Content Integrity

So, what this threat is saying, is that the same “Bafoons” that have so far approved and posted almost 600 FAKE reviews since May 2011, have got evidence that “you or someone” has posted a good review about your establishment… WTF!.. suddenly after sometime YEARS, and after a review has gone through TripAdvisor’s strenuous validation system, and has been approved and posted, they find some bullshit evidence that you or someone else has posted a fake that benefits your property, and it is removed and an arrogant threatening email is sent to you..

Why is it that when an owner supplies TripAdvisor with GENUINE and HARD evidence that a review is FAKE and LIBELOUS, they just back on their fat ass-holes and completely ignore the situation?
Now all of a sudden an owner that in some cases has never heard of TripAdvisor, and doesn’t even know they are listed on the site gets this arrogant threatening email. Warning them that there are severe consequences!.. Why don’t they threaten to REMOVE an establishment completely?.. The reason is simple, EVERY right minded owner will start posting fake reviews about themselves, just to get removed.

Anyway, now the owner is in complete shock, and angry, ‘cos they have not got a clue why they received this arrogant threat.. So of course like ANYONE they reply to TripAdvisor asking the ACCUSER to please share the evidence they have, because they have not got a clue what TripAdvisor is talking about, and they have NEVER reviewed themselves, and have ABSOLUTELY ZERO control over others that post a positive review..

The standard WEAK and FEEBLE reply is :

TripAdvisor’s privacy policy prohibits us from
sharing the details of our findings, so we will not be able to furnish you
with any information regarding the nature of the violation we’ve detected.

WHAT??.. do us all a favor, and keep your threats to yourself if you are not going to do the right thing and supply the so called evidence

The bottom line is, if TripAdvisor are so arrogant and pathetic and claim to have EVIDENCE then they should either supply the evidence so the owner can respond to the matter, or just keep their gob shut!! and stop threatening property owners!!!

TripAdvisor Arrogant


You are arrogant, stuck up and pathetic, strutting around with your head stuck up your own ass.

Go ahead, continue to ignore, bully and threaten the very people that un-willingly make you money.

Just remember this TripAdvisor..

One day you are the cock of the walk. Next, a feather duster


DisclaimerThe content of this article was provided by various sources (emails, messages, etc..) and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.

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Stephen Kaufer TripAdvisors CEO Arrested for sexual conduct

It seems that Stephen Kaufer, the CEO of the worlds largest online travel blackmailing platform TripAdvisor was arrested in Newton Upper Falls.

Steven Kaufer was arrested after being caught red-handed in a public restroom performing a lewd act.  He was free’d on bail after paying an undisclosed ammount.

Original article can be found HERE

Stephen Kaufer Arrested for sexual conduct

Maybe he should spend more time in his office securing their site, and putting an end to unvalidated lies and libelous reviews, and spending less time perving with young boys in  public restrooms.

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